Welcoming David G. Brown


David Glenn Brown, artist, educator, and publisher has been inspiring young minds for more than a decade.  Brown conducts workshops, presentations, and produces award winning graphics and books with positive messages for young people.  As a result of the 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest, he responded by speaking to youth through the creation of a comic book superhero, “L.A. Phoenix”.  Brown says, “L.A. Phoenix rises from the ashes of the riots to show young people there is a better way to solve conflicts.” This character was depicted in a three-book series that he self-published.  His versatility as a commercial artist and producer has produced excellence in other areas including photography and multimedia. His thrill for helping young people succeed in life with learning valuable lessons through relatable material has been the driving force of what Mr. Brown creates. To see David’s published work in his online studio, visit http://www.davidbrown.studio.com. You will not be disappointed!

We welcome Mr. David G. Brown to the Afrokids Family!

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