Intentional Time with Your Partner

For many of us in current times,  being busy is an understatement. There is always so much going on around us constantly. We are busy working, checking emails, taking care of kids or loved ones, and handling household chores. You might find you and your spouse only see each other in passing.

Even if you’re both doing chores in the same room together, that doesn’t necessarily qualify as quality time. This behavior can easily go on for weeks, months, or even years and suddenly you find that quality time spent together with your significant other is a distant memory. And that you’re regretting the unspent time in the past.

If this resonates with you, sit down with your significant other with your schedules and carve out a little time each week to focus on each other, by showing affection, and increase your connection.

Something to note as important is to make sure you are showing love and admiration to your partner by loving him or her in their own “LOVE LANGUAGE“. The concept of “love languages” shows couples how to give each other love in ways that it is best received.

We all have a universal language that speaks volumes to our characteristics as a person as to how we receive love. The 5 love languages are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. We all give and receive love in 5 different ways. If you and your partner do not know each other’s love language, there is a free test online to take!

Taking the test greatly benefits you and your partner and ensures that you both are speaking and responding to each other’s love language daily.

Pre-Covid, most date nights took place outside of the home. Going out to a movie, dinner, getaway, concert, etc. were all too familiar. But when the world shut down and Covid ran rampage, we all had to participate in a stay-in mandated lockdown. Household dynamics changed suddenly. We were now having to do everything at home.

The kids started to do school virtually, the parents started to  work from home, which led to the house being chaotic and crowded. Home, which was once your comfort safe zone, is no more your safe zone because it has  now turned into school, work and play zone, with little time devoted to relaxation anymore.

Even with those major changes, we still have to remain intentional while caring for ourselves and dating our significant others!

My husband and I have been home for the past two years raising our daughter. She was born in March 2020 and a week later the world we once knew changed as a whole. So first hand, we felt the immediate change of the Pandemic. As a result of being forced to stay home during Covid, plus we had a newborn, we had to find ways to enjoy and date each other.

We’ve gathered some ideas to get you started with ways to spend quality time with your partner. Here are some ways that helped my husband and me date each other while being at home more.

● First, put time on the calendar to prioritize your relationship

● Plan dates when the baby is asleep for naps and nighttime

● Enjoy a cup of hot tea – (great benefits and there’s a plethora of teas out there) grab and few and start exploring

● Cook a new meal together

● Pamper each other, facial or manicure

● Order favorite take out and have a mini (karaoke) concert in home

● Watch a new show or movie together (something that’s out of the normal for you both)

● Paint together

● Learn a new skill or language together

● Have a game night

● Read a book together

● Play music together

● Do home workouts together

● Stretch and do yoga together

● Get outside and ground together. Let Your feet touch the pavement and let the sun shine on you all.

● Exchange of knowledge

● Talk about Random things you can think of

● Unleash some hidden talents

Things you can do outside of the house:

● Arrange a reliable or trusting person to watch the kids for you all for a few hours 

● Run errands as a couple – tackle your errands at a leisurely pace, engaging and enjoying each others’ company

● Plan a getaway or retreat or change scenery

● Plan a staycation at a nice hotel in town

● Be a tourist in your city

● Try a new sport

● Volunteer for a great cause together

● Attend social gatherings

All in all, being intentional with dating your significant other is important.  Dating creates opportunities for you to go out, have fun, and laugh together. Laughter restores a sense of connection between two people who enjoy each other’s company, and helps keep your relationship fresh.

We would love to hear how you and your partner still spend intentional time together, especially post covid!

We hope you enjoy the video below of my husband and I giving our intentional date night tips!
See you on the next post!

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