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What we do and offers access to media that addresses the special needs of the Black family with positive images provided as role models for children and parenting resources giving children and parents access to the type of websites Black families cannot get anywhere else.

Kids Content

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Afrokids provides quality, culturally sensitive content specifically designed and produced for Black kids designed to: Build our children’s self-esteem & reconnecting them to their cultural heritage, and teach life lessons, family values, respect, and responsibility. Afrokids offers an
environment that helps kids form healthy opinions, and discover who they are as a person so they can better face challenges and overcome societal obstacles. That’s why the Afrokids brand with its culturally sensitive content was developed.

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It's a Beautiful Day
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Floyd Announces Patreon
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Grownups Content

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Afrokids is a trusted source of family support with content specifically designed to inform and uplift Black parents, grandparents, and guardians. Black kids and families face systemic obstacles already in place that stifle their paths to achieving their potential. Our blog offers content and resources that provide insights and support to meet the challenges of parenting. Check it out now by clicking the image below.

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To make sure our Afrokids family has easy access to all of our content across multiple platforms, we’ve developed this site (compatible with all screen form factors), built and easily accessible streaming TV service, and created a number of hardcopy publications like the Tuskegee Airmen comic book. Afrokids has a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on social media!

How We Do It

With content specifically designed for three-to-five year olds, six-to-eight year olds, and, nine-to-twelve year olds by artists and animators who know how kids think and have years of experience producing high-quality content for the likes of Disney, Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros. and Marvel Productions.

Using a combination of e-books, games and videos, the content provided on this website and our streaming TV service starts kids out with programs on the alphabet, phonics, numbers and shapes; and progresses to cognitive thinking skills, self-awareness and the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) subjects.

Afrokids has built the necessary digital infrastructure to deliver quality, culturally sensitive content to Black kids and families nationwide. The combined services have already reached over 500,000 households with educational and informational content targeted to underserved families. We know how hard it is to find an engaging, educational safe digital space for Black kids on the Internet and from the array of streaming TV options. That’s why we created Afrokids. Join our family today!

Afrokids TV Channel - A Streaming TV Channel Black Kids
& Families Can Trust

Afrokids® TV Channel offers a content selection developed especially for our children and their family. Its worth cannot be calculated in dollars, but its value is giving young minds a positive view of themselves, which helps to build character and self-esteem. The Afrokids® TV Channel features: Stories about the Black kids facing a multitude of situations to overcome while growing up. Kids learn about responsibility, respect for themselves and others, self esteem, bullying, what it takes to achieve their goals, and more. Our content streaming TV content includes: Black history; skits that deal with peer-pressure, body image and socialization; programs on financial literacy and money management; interviews with kids; and, for the very young, nursery and playtime rhymes with an Afrocentric flavor as well as animation, live action, illustrations, and puppetry to tell classic African American stories and new tales. 

About Us

Emmy Award winner Leo Sullivan, Founder & CEO of Afrokids®, worked with a team of animators to develop and animate the “Hey, Hey, Hey It’s Fat Albert” special for NBC. He animated the original train for the “Soul Train”; show that aired in the 1970’s. In his vast career, Leo has worked as a producer, director, animator, layout artist, storyboard artist, and writer at various studios, such as, Warner Brothers, Filmation, New World, Hanna Barbera, Richard Williams, and many more. Also, using his many talents, Leo instructed classes in classical 2D animation and digital animation at the Art Institute of California-Orange County. Read Leo Sullivan’s B

Floyd Norman, now 87 years old, was Disney’s first African American animator. If you’ve watched Sleeping Beauty or Toy Story, you’ve seen his work. His resume also includes The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Monsters, Inc. Norman has been honored as a Disney legend for his contributions and is featured on Disney’s DVD release of the classic Jungle Book. During the seventies, Floyd wrote and produced animated segments for Sesame Street, Villa Alegre, and dozens of educational films. Floyd also supervised animation layout at Hanna-Barbera Productions and storyboarded several shows including The Flintstones, Smurfs, and Scooby Doo. Floyd’s outstanding accomplishments at the Disney Studios earned him a Disney Legend award. His life in the animation industry is heralded in the documentary”Floyd Norman: An Animated Life.”; Because of Floyd’s vast experience in the entertainment industry, he was asked to join the Board of Governors of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Our Mission

Afrokids® is about every child having the opportunity to reach their potential. and Afrokids TV, our streaming TV service, were thoughtfully designed for the needs of children and parents, bringing a premium service that provides a stellar experience for the whole Black family.

Our contemporary state-of-the-art multimedia website and blog offer significant value to children by building self-esteem and reconnecting them to their cultural heritage teaching life lessons, family values, respect and responsibility. For parents, the family blog offers those “view,” “listen,” and “discover” resources that provide insights and support to meet the challenges of parenting. Your whole family will enjoy and benefit from our full-featured website that is elegantly intuitive and easy to use. As we expand the scope of and Afrokids TV, we want to hear from parents so we can maximize the value they and their family receive.

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Leo Sullivan & his wife Ethelyn had a vision to bring culturally appropriate, family centered content to underserved Black families in America. An Emmy Award winner, Leo was the first Black animator in Hollywood, so he knows more than a little about creating great culturally relevant content. This dynamic duo has reached over 500,000 Black families with content like the Tuskegee Airman’s story and the content for kids and families shared on and the Afrokids streaming TV service. But they need your help to expand and enhance their services to reach more families in more communities.

Leo Sullivan Multimedia has a Patreon page to make it easy to support their mission and keep the content flowing. As the project grows, content will be expanded to cover more subjects, events & features. In fact, Afrokids has a team of content providers already in place, ready to create new and compelling content. You can help make it happen!

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