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Join our Afrokids family! and offers access to media that addresses the special needs of the Black family with positive images provided as role models for children and parenting resources giving children and parents access to the type of websites Black families cannot get anywhere else.

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Our Purpose

Afrokids® is about every child having the opportunity to reach their potential. Sorry to say, the African American child is born into the world with many systemic obstacles already in place to stifle their path to achieving their potential. Afrokids offers a pathway into areas rarely acknowledged in their growth. Every child by the age of five can see the environment that forms their opinions, self esteem, and who they are as a person. The African American child has even more challenges. That’s why the Afrokids brand with its myriad of media content was developed.

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What we do

Building our children's self esteem & reconnecting them to their cultural heritage teaching life lessons, family values, respect and responsibility.

Leo Sullivan

Emmy Award Winner Leo Sullivan

Leo Sullivan Founder & CEO of Afrokids® worked with a team of animators to develop and animate the “Hey, Hey, Hey It’s Fat Albert” special for NBC. He animated the original train for the “Soul Train” show that aired in the 1970’s. In his vast career, Leo has worked as a producer, director, animator, layout artist, storyboard artist, and writer at various studios, such as, Warner Brothers, Filmation, New World, Hanna Barbera, Richard Williams, and many more. Also, using his many talents, Leo instructed classes in classical 2D animation and digital animation at the Art Institute of California-Orange County.

As Seen on the Afrokids® TV Channel

Growin' Painz
Phonics Alphabet
It's a Beautiful Day
It's Nice to Share
Homies on the Range
Floyd Announces Patreon
The Best of Tony and Floyd
Anansi and Sybil
Adventures Commercial

Download the App and was especially designed for the needs of children and parents, bringing a premium service that provides a stellar experience for the whole Black family. Our contemporary state-of-the-art multimedia websites offer significant value to children by building self-esteem and reconnecting them to their cultural heritage teaching life lessons, family values, respect and responsibility. For parents, offers those “view,” “listen,” and “discover” resources that provide insights and support to meet the challenges of parenting. Your whole family will get full-featured websites that are elegantly intuitive and easy to use. As we expand the scope of and, we want to hear from parents so we can maximize the value they and their family receive.