Pureeing Foods For Your Babies

 Snacking on healthy food is what We like to do, eating apples, oranges, carrots, and celery too, nuts and cheese and some of these and a glass of fruit juice too! Hey!

This poplar short song from Barney was and is such a inspiration to remind parents and kids that healthy foods can be enjoyable and pleasurable to eat!

It is very important that we are providing great whole foods to our precious children temples. Good nutrition is vital for their growing and development!
As a new mom, it was very important that I protect and guard what foods I provided for my daughter. It did not help that she has a very sensitive tummy like mommy! Therefore, I knew that I wanted to give her organic whole foods as much as possible. After shopping around I notice that baby food cost adds up very quickly, along with all of the other necessities of pampers and wipes, you all know the rest of the list! I quickly realized that I could prepare her food by purée and freeze the other amount and use for a later time. I did some research and notice that a lot of moms were on the same page as myself turned out!

I thought it might be a daunting task to do, but after researching I realized that I could use my own blender and did not have to go out and buy some fancy baby blender, which is so prevalent on the market today! I mean, I get it, if you have it, by all means, buy it! But this mommy right here is balling on a slim budget, so we are creative at all cost!!! Lol… So, I made a list, went to my local farmers market and bought organic fresh produce. Which were much cheaper than expected. I spent about $20 and bought, sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, carrots, and mangos, all organic! I went home and got to work!

I cleaned the produce in baking soda and water, let it soak, then I peeled and boiled each vegetable so that it would be soft and ready to blend. The fruit comes ready to blend typically, so there is no need to boil. After that, I blended, with a little added breast milk! You can add nursery water or milk of your choice. I added a dash of cinnamon in the sweet potatoes for a little hint of flavor! After blending each vegetable separately, they were all ready to go! I poured each of them in separate containers found on Amazon or your local store like Walmart or Target, (search storage containers for food prep for babies). The batch made plenty. I was able to make her food for the week and freeze a lot more for the upcoming weeks!

Wow, I was impressed! I also felt like SUPERMOM, puréeing whole foods for my daughter, knowing that she would be eating good nutrition without artificial ingredients!

You should so try this at home! You would enjoy it! If you are very busy, I understand too, don’t worry I got you! There are tons of great healthy food options on the market that are very convenient and comes in pouches for babies, toddlers and kids! A few Brands that I like are Beech-Nut, Honest Kids, Little Spoon, Happy Baby, Gerber Organics, Cerebelly, and Plum Organics.

Here’s a Friendly reminder: Whatever you do, just be intentional while doing it! Don’t forget you are amazing. Pause, take a deep breath. You got this Parenting thing!
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Please enjoy the video below of how I puree’ foods for my daughter and how she loves it!

Feel free to leave a comment and if you have any questions, I will be sure to answer them! Can’t wait to chat with you.

Love, Keiona

4 thoughts on “Pureeing Foods For Your Babies”

  1. I love what you are doing for your daughter .. it’s fresh food made with tender loving care and it was perfectly prepared..the baby seems to love her food ..she is a doll .. mommy keep up the good work ..I love this

    1. Thank you so much for the beautiful compliments. It’s warms my heart! Yes ma’am, food made with tender loving care, you are so right! Thank you so much for reading and watching. We appreciate you! Please share to others, if possible! Have a blessed day! 🙂

  2. Love! Love ! Love mama! From one mama to another you are doing a great job! Definitely saves money and if you really think about it , it saves times in the long run. I know baby girl definitely appreciates the good authentic taste and enjoys it much better w/o all those preservatives and added nonsense. Thank you so much for sharing your baby / food hacks. I couldn’t have come across this content at a better time because my little one has been throwing up those packaged purée foods. So I will definitely be pureeing my daughter food from here on out. Thanks Keiona

    1. Yesss, you certainly said a mouthful. It’s important that we are feeding our little ones with nutritional wholesome food items, it is so much junk out here. 🙁
      I’m so grateful that this article reached you at this perfect time for your little beauty you have. We would love to see when you purée her foods and how she loves it! Please come back and share with us when you do!
      Also, please check out more of our posts and content here, it will be helpful for you and family. Join afrokids.com
      And stream the network on Roku! It’s great for the entire family. Hope to chat with you soon!

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