Stimulation Videos Are Good For Babies

Have you heard of Baby Sensory? Simulation videos?
Well, Iyah and many other children sure has!

Iyah has been enjoying sensory videos since the tender age of 2 months old! She is now 17 months old and has a keen awareness from her eyes, her movements are fluently; she is very agile and her motor skills are quite sharp.

She watches and engages in sensory videos about an hour a day! She love it! Her favorite ones are the colorful dancing fruit! She is super amazed by it!

Baby sensory videos are a good way to introduce your baby to exciting shapes, colors and songs, to promote more stimulation, motor skills, coordination and the awareness of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste!

Newborn babies are not quite aware of colors, from their tiny pupils at birth.
From their perspective images appear mostly black and white.
Most Sensory videos have a black background with white and bright bold visual colors that catches their beautiful eyes!

These amazing videos has helped navigate Iyah effortlessly through her new set of young eyes. The sensory has simulated her brain to respond to her 5 senses! We throughly enjoy these videos.

If you have a infant, or young child, it’s worth a try! The videos can be found over the internet! Just type in “Sensory videos” and you will find them!

And here’s a friendly reminder;
Although Parenting can be difficult, parenting can be tiring, remember that little tiny baby think of you as their hero, (which you are) so try to be intentional in all you do! You are doing such an amazing job! And that little child loves you just the way you are!

Also check out where learning and having fun can be safe and intentional for our kids!

Please comment below and if you have any questions, I will be sure to answer them! Thank you for reading. Enjoy the video of Iyah and her favorite sensory videos 🙂

Love, Keiona

2 thoughts on “Stimulation Videos Are Good For Babies”

  1. Simply adorable and I most definitely agree with starting your infant out with sensory videos so it can advance there motor skills and make them so sharp and notice a lot of moving objects.. I love it .. keep up the good work

    1. Awww you’re the best! We appreciate your love and feedback! It is imperative that we start them off young to help with their development! Thank you for reading and watching! Also, don’t forget to Check out! 🙂

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