Meet the Watson’s

Welcome Brandon, Keiona and Iyah to the Afrokids Family. 

We’re the Watson’s and we have joined the Afrokids family to share and cultivate Black family love with interactive videos, personal experiences, parenting skills we’ve learned from raising our own daughter; blogs, and transparency moments. We are excited to share all the information that we have, in hopes of being able to spread the Love to Black families like ours!

We hope you find some of our content beneficial. We encourage you to share our content to your surrounding space of people that could benefit from the knowledge.

Please share your feedback and questions in the comment section. If you have any particular content you would like to see, please let us know! We can not wait to hear from you:)


The Watson’s

7 thoughts on “Meet the Watson’s”

  1. Very inspiring and uplifting… The Watson family is doing a great job displaying love with their daughter.. I just love the daughter she is so smart and happy I love there energy…

    1. We are very gracious that you enjoy our intentional parenting with Iyah. We hope that we are able to inspire young parents like us. Thank you for watching and engaging!

  2. Love the Watson’s! I get excited every time a new article drops! Patiently waiting on the YouTube channel ❤️

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