Having A Supportive Partner Can Go A Long Way

Having support while pregnant and after pregnancy is very important. It makes the mom feel love, feel seen, and heard. Pregnancy is a time of amazing feelings, excitement and bliss. Within the exciting feelings, a number of unwanted feelings can occur also; like anxiety, a long list of to- dos, being financially stable, having enough space in your home, being sick during pregnancy and much more.

I’m very grateful for the outpouring support with my experience during my pregnancy. I have a loving husband who was there from day one cheering me on during this process. This was the very first time we were experiencing a pregnancy, so honestly we both needed support. My husband was there from the beginning and remained very consistent in his supportive role, during pregnancy and now. He assisted with doctor appointments, making sure I ate balanced meals and stayed hydrated, exercised and kept a positive attitude during the process, which were all important factors.

We were able to hire a doula for extra support to help during the birthing experience since this was our first time. If you’re considering the same, please research doulas in your area, they provided great support for mom and partner and helped with birthing techniques and things that were necessary for us to know during the process. 
If this is your first time with pregnancy, learn as much as possible. Read a lot, and get as much information as possible. There are tons of books that help. 

There are many ways your partner can assist in helping you – whether or not this is your first time:

  • Taking walks together provides great exercise and a chance to talk.

  • Help make decisions about prenatal tests, such as those for birth defects.

  •  Go to classes for childbirth. 

  • Go with the mom to doctor visits.

  • Maintain positivity in conversations. 

  • Provide much needed motivation. 

  • Try eating healthy foods and snacks first, so that mom will be encouraged to do the same. 

  • Back and foot  rubs are essential to relieve tension and stress from carrying baby, and a great way to maintain personal touch.  

  • If you are a smoker, do not smoke in front her. 

  • Help with the chores and cleaning.

  • Talk and communicate intimacy levels- some women are tired and not comfortable with their bodies during this time, please communicate the best way to express intimacy during this time.

  • Talk about what role you will play during labor and delivery.

  • Be expressive regarding your needs and wants.

  • Ask questions and show concern at the doctor’s appointments. 

After the baby arrives, help with feedings, changing, and bathing; this helps you bond with the baby and gives the mom a break to rest. 
Both of you need to care for yourselves individually and together. Pour into each other with patience, love, care, and involvement. Supporting each other during this time is very vital for the family bond.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you know of anyone who is expecting or just had a child, please share this with them. It is always nice to get a gentle reminder to help you put things in perspective. 


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