Raising Black Kings In Today’s Society

“Being a BOY MOM.” Thinking back, I didn’t know what to think considering I didn’t have a masculine bone in my body. Nonetheless, being a “BOY MOM” has taught me so much.

One of the most important things it’s taught me is how important it is for young boys to learn to express themselves. While doing my best to learn the ways of a boy, I learned I was pregnant with yet another boy. Just five years later I was blessed with Carter. Carter has taught me patience I didn’t know existed, I say this because he is hearing impaired. Teaching him to communicate in ways both of us are able to understand is a struggle. This helped me understand I needed be more gentle. I knew if I wanted to see the fruits of my labor I needed to take my time and be patient.

My husband brought the perfect balance! He was able to communicate in ways I wasn’t. For instance, his love for Marvel is the perfect way for him to connect perfectly with the boys. Here we are today – 3 boys, a dog and a fish. I can proudly say, my boys have learned the importance of communication. I also know, we are all different and this makes me love them even more.

Raising men in today’s society, is definitely a job. Raising black kings is a special job. Although it requires a lot more time and attention, it’s a pleasure for me. I often find myself being torn between being that sweet loving mother and the disciplinarian. It is important to maintain this balance because I know how difficult the world can be for a black king. This pushes me to teach the fundamentals of education, respect, discipline, honesty, love, and communication. Also, I want them to grow and learn from their own decisions with my guidance.

I firmly believe that if you spend a good portion of time installing the fundamentals of what’s important into your children, this will help them with their most important life decisions. Good decision making is a vital part of every day living.

I always imagined me matching outfits with my daughter; the two of us going shopping, getting manicures and pedicures. I had the perfect vision of how I was going to live life with my daughter. Now that I have my family with 3 beautiful boys I realize that I am meant to be a boy mom. I’m meant to start a solid foundation of our next generation of Black men. The next generation is in My hands… I have an obligation to my boys to show them love. To fight for them, so they can be strong and well educated. I want them to claim any room they enter.

I’m so proud of my boys and I know that with the help of God and my husband, they can be greater than I could ever imagine; reach new levels, create new highs. I know they will be beyond what I could ever imagine. I thank God every day for the title of BOY MOM!

By Taija Hollins

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  1. Oh that was a awesome video .. I love how this African American family is binding with the boys and hats off to the mom , she states her second child thought her patients that she didn’t think she had but she wanted to make a difference in her child’s life so he humbled her and she was able to manage his disability and get him the help he needed .. love this story

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