With all of the hype on Santa Claus; receiving gifts and spending lots of money during the holiday season, I have to ask: are we celebrating Christmas the way we are accustomed to doing traditional things, or are we blindsided with the commercial, worldly way of celebrating?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th every year, with holiday spirit and cheer from people near and far. There’s a lot of gift giving, partying, being cordial and nice to others; lots of food being bought and passed out, basically we’re all spending lots of money.

People are usually nice and go out of their way to serve others. People may feed the homeless, visit Senior living homes, give to charities and sing Christmas carols, and have toy drives to name a few. But what happens after December 25th?

Toys may break, food will be eaten, and Joy and love will be short lived. Homeless people will still need meals, senior citizens will still need tender loving care, kids will still need attentiveness and intentionality and toys throughout the year..

The question is, are we sharing the love only during holiday season or are we being a vessel and blessing towards others every single day? Are we celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus and gifts? Are we celebrating the love of Christ in us toward our brothers and sisters?

I believe we have steered away from honoring God, to emphasize pleasing our flesh. I believe there is a degree of celebrating love with each other with food and gifts but I’m also saying that this should be done throughout the year and not just around the holidays. Sharing the love toward God’s people should be a daily task.

I would recommend not to go broke trying to buy that gift for a relative that you have not spoken to all year. Better than that, have a conversation with that person and communicate. Offer a loving communion and meal with each other, you’ll find that’s much more fulfilling.

Don’t spoil your kids with all of those toys that may break the next day or week. Sit down and discuss the real reason for the season. Show them love and show them how we should love on our other brothers and sisters daily. Pack up their old toys and take them out to a kid in need. Let’s teach our kids that sharing is better than receiving.

We as parents, and especially mothers, are the gatekeepers of our homes. We set the stage and tone for the way our rules are demonstrated in our homes. Let’s keep the reason for the season in forefront, celebrating Christ being born. With that being said, let’s be intentional during these holidays and even more during the year. We should strive to share the love daily, with our fellow sisters and brothers, family and friends, and anyone that is need; not just because it’s the sleigh bells are ringing!!!!

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you all. How do you and your family celebrate Christmas and the holidays? Any traditions that you follow?


  1. This article was such a joy to read! I love how even in the rush of the holidays you still find time to acknowledge God! Motivation to find God in everything you do. Merry Christmas to your family

  2. Awh that’ was so inspiring and uplifting.. I really had to stop and think , This article made me realize I need to change my approach of gift giving no one really think of the real reason we are celebrating it’s all about the birth of Christ . If we as people would take time to listen more and pay attention to people in need the world would be a better place .. I love this Story

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