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Afrokids is undergoing a digital realignment, and I wanted you to hear it from me. Let me explain. For decades, my wife Ethelyn and I have been pursuing a vision of providing culturally sensitive web-based and streaming content to underserved Black communities.

In our pursuit of our dream, we created a number of websites and a streaming TV service. After reviewing our positioning and our digital products, we’ve determined that we are spread too thin and have decided to shutter theafrokidsfamily.com and consolidate the content, directed to parents, grandparents and guardians, into a blog on our main Afrokids.com site. Our new blog will continue to feature engaging personal content generated by our blog editor, Keiona Watson, who shares her intentional parenting and partnering insights, as well as from the Afrokids staff.

It’s pretty simple, really. We’re going to focus on our core content and continue to provide the kind of quality characters, stories and programming we’ve always produced; only we’re going to do it through a more focused web presence by providing our users with a clearer path to what they want to see and read.

Initially it was our intent to have a website that was exclusively dedicated to children’s programming; and another that was exclusively focused on the extended family, parents, grandparents and guardians. But in the end, that proved a mistake as it diluted our brand and required users to bookmark two sites instead of one.

So we’ve consolidated all of our content into our Afrokids site, and family members will now be able to simply hit a link to go to content that we’ve developed specifically for them, like our “how to talk to your kids about the internet” guide that is popular among parents.

Users interested in accessing our streaming content can do so through our ROKU channel, or through apps available for AndroidTV, GooglePlay and Amazon Fire.

–Leo Sullivan, founder

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