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In this fast paced, hi-tech world, parents don't often have the time or energy to provide the guidance that children need when they are developing their self-image. The role models they tend to choose are sports figures and rappers they see on TV and the Internet. We have developed websites where kids can not only find positive roles and guidance, but discover their peers who are building games, learning to fly planes, working in their communities, learning to program computers, thus providing them role models for Black children beyond sports and music, beyond basketball players and rappers. We understand the dilemma that parents and guardians are facing and Afrokids is here to help.

Afrokids.com and Afrokids.tv was especially designed for the needs of children and parents, bringing a premium service that provides a stellar experience for the whole Black family. Our contemporary state-of-the-art multimedia websites offer significant value to children by building self-esteem and reconnecting them to their cultural heritage teaching life lessons, family values, respect and responsibility. For parents, Afrokids.com offers those “view,” “listen,” and “discover” resources that provide insights and support to meet the challenges of parenting. Your whole family will get full-featured websites that are elegantly intuitive and easy to use. As we expand the scope of Afrokids.com and Afrokids.tv, we want to hear from parents so we can maximize the value they and their family receive.

Afrokids.com and Afrokids.tv offers access to media that addresses the special needs of the Black family with positive images provided as role models for children and parenting resources giving children and parents access to the type of websites Black families cannot get anywhere else. However, it is up to the parents and guardians to expose their children to these positive websites we have created. 


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