Who we are

LEO SULLIVAN MULTIMEDIA, INC., a California corporation, specializing in the production of animated/live action films, reading and literacy with our digitized/published media products (videos, games, and e-books) for distribution to educational institutions, the consumer, and entertainment industries.

The company offers a family alternative on the internet through many multimedia sources to reach out to the underserved African American family with positive content for all families. Our brands include Afrokids.com, an informational website for parental guidance and salute to youth achievement, Afrokids.tv, an interactive website with stories, games, animation webisodes, and more for the entire family, Afrokids® TV Channel streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV, and the Tuskegee Redtails® Graphic Novel, an interactive e-book featuring videos, illustrations, informative text and pop-over selections with immersive interaction for the user.


Afrokids® is about every child having the opportunity to reach their potential. Sorry to say, the African American child is born into the world with many systemic obstacles already in place to stifle their path to achieving their potential. Afrokids offers a pathway into areas rarely acknowledged in their growth. Every child by the age of five can see the environment that forms their opinions, self esteem, and who they are as a person. The African American child has even more challenges. That’s why the Afrokids brand with its myriad of media content was developed.

Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc. acquires licensing rights as required, holds copyrights and trademarks owned by its subsidiaries, and negotiates any contracts on behalf of its subsidiaries.

Leo Sullivan, Founder, CEO & Ethelyn Sullivan, CFO

Leo Sullivan

Leo Sullivan is CEO/President of Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc., a California corporation. Leo has produced and directed educational films, training films, public service films for various educational film companies with national distribution. Leo published websites https://afrokids.com and https://afrokids.tv that builds children’s self-esteem, cultural heritage, and future through visual media. He has a presence on streaming platforms Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV with his Afrokids® TV Channel. Leo established a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization https://lsmfoundation.org to introduce science, technology, engineering, art, math to underserved youth through the new media technology with emphasis on animation and games. Leo is developing and publishing applications and e-books for mobile technology.

Leo managed animation studios in the U. S. A., China and the Philippines overseeing all phases of production on animated television shows and theatricals for studios in Thailand, Spain, France, Canada, and the U. S. A., to name a few. Leo produced commercials for Jamaican advertising agencies: Twist Fits In, Quench Aide, Royal Bank, Grace tomato catsup, Shelltox, and more.

Leo worked with a team of animators to develop and animate the “Hey, Hey, Hey It’s Fat Albert” special for NBC. He animated the original train for the “Soul Train” show that aired in the 1970’s. In his vast career, Leo has worked as a producer, director, animator, layout artist, storyboard artist, and writer at various studios, such as, Warner Brothers, Filmation, New World, Hanna Barbera, Richard Williams, and many more. Also, using his many talents, Leo instructed classes in classical 2D animation and digital animation at the Art Institute of California-Orange County.

Find out more about this animation legend Leo D. Sullivan at https://imdb.com/leodsullivan


Ethelyn Sullivan

Ethelyn graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Accounting. After graduation, she worked for the U. S. Air Force, Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, CA as a Budget Analyst trainee. She was promoted to a financial management position in charge of six supervisors and three contractor personnel for a new launch program (Advanced Launch System). This job included both budget and cost analysis elements of financial management.

Ethelyn was promoted to Program Control Deputy Chief of financial manager position for the Space and Missile Systems Organization Titan booster program (a major launch program) where she managed 23 budget and cost personnel plus five contractor personnel. She oversaw all aspects of financial management (budget, cost analysis/estimating), and interfaced with Defense contractors to insure their compliance with government directives.

While with the Titan organization, Ethelyn co-developed an automated financial management budget and contract system for the Space and Missile System Organization that replaced the paper based budget preparation submission to cut down on waste and long working hours. The automated system helped prepare and track the execution of budgets and requirements for the organization and eventually fed into the Budget Office of the U. S. Air Force Headquarters in Washington, D. C.

Over the years while working for the U. S. Air Force, Ethelyn periodically worked with Leo’s then company, Vignette Films (later changed to Vignette Multimedia) preparing Requests for Proposals, and in-house projects, and  prospective clients. Her love for animation and film production, Ethelyn colorized and edited many animation projects.  With the advent of the computer, she mastered animation programs, paint programs, and editing   programs that helped to increase her productivity in completing projects. The arrival internet, Ethelyn  became the webmistress for the company’s website https://afrokids.com and https://afrokids.tv. Her education and work experience prepared her to handle the business aspect of the company. Ethelyn retired from the U. S. Air Force and is now the Chief Financial Officer of Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc